Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Air Fryer Recipe

Pumpkin seeds, also known as pepitas, are the edible seeds found inside a pumpkin’s cavity. When roasted, they become a delightful snack with a satisfying crunch and a delicious nutty flavor. This recipe will demonstrate how to make Roasted Pumpkin Seeds in an air fryer, resulting in a healthier alternative to store-bought snacks. With just a few simple ingredients and minimal effort, you can enjoy these delectable treats in no time.Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Air Fryer Recipe

Ingredients Needed

Before you embark on this culinary adventure, gather the following ingredients:

  1. Pumpkin seeds (seeds from one medium-sized pumpkin)
  2. Butter (half a stick per batch)
  3. Preferred seasoning (Stephanie uses regular seasoning salt, but you can use other kinds of seasoning as well)

Step-by-Step Instructions

Follow these step-by-step instructions to make the perfect Roasted Pumpkin Seeds in an air fryer:

  1. Remove Seeds and Boil:
    • Begin by removing the seeds from the pumpkin’s cavity, ensuring you separate them from any pumpkin pulp. Rinse the seeds thoroughly under cold water to remove any excess pulp.
    • In a medium-sized saucepan, add the pumpkin seeds and enough water to cover them. Boil the seeds for 10 minutes to soften the inside and make them easier to roast.
    • Let the seeds dry for about half an hour, patting them dry with another paper towel if needed.Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Air Fryer Recipe
  2. Coat the Seeds:
    • Preheat your air fryer to 350°F (175°C). In a small saucepan, melt half a stick of butter per batch on low heat. Pour the melted butter over the dried pumpkin seeds and toss them gently to coat each seed.
    • Sprinkle one tablespoon of preferred seasoning (such as regular seasoning salt) over the coated seeds.
    • Mix the seasoning well with the seeds to ensure even distribution.Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Air Fryer Recipe
  3. Prepare the Air Fryer:
    • Line your air fryer basket with aluminum foil for easy cleanup.
    • Spray the foil with a light layer of cooking spray to prevent sticking.
    • Spread the seasoned pumpkin seeds evenly in a single layer on the foil.Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Air Fryer Recipe
  4. Roast the Seeds:
    • Place the air fryer basket with the pumpkin seeds inside the air fryer.
    • Set the air fryer to 350°F (175°C) and cook the seeds for 15 minutes.
    • During roasting, check the seeds and shake the basket occasionally to ensure even cooking.Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Air Fryer Recipe
  5. Cool and Enjoy:
    • Once the seeds are crispy and golden brown, remove them from the air fryer.
    • Let the roasted pumpkin seeds cool down for a few minutes before indulging in their deliciousness.Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Air Fryer Recipe

Tips and Tricks

Here are some helpful tips to make the process even smoother:

  • After boiling the seeds, don’t skip the drying step. Drying them ensures the butter adheres well and leads to a crispier result.
  • Use a preferred seasoning that complements your taste buds. Experiment with different flavors to find your favorite combination.
  • While roasting, keep an eye on the seeds to prevent burning. Adjust the cooking time if needed.
  • Once roasted, store any leftover pumpkin seeds in an airtight container to maintain their freshness.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Q: Can I use pumpkin seeds from a store-bought pumpkin?
    • A: Yes, you can use pumpkin seeds from a store-bought pumpkin to make this recipe.
  2. Q: How long do roasted pumpkin seeds last?
    • A: Roasted pumpkin seeds can last for several weeks when stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry place.
  3. Q: Can I use other oils instead of butter for roasting the seeds?
    • A: Yes, you can substitute melted coconut oil, olive oil, or vegetable oil for butter if you prefer a different flavor profile.
  4. Q: Can I add sweet seasonings to the roasted pumpkin seeds?
    • A: Absolutely! Feel free to experiment with sweet seasonings like cinnamon and sugar for a delightful sweet twist.
  5. Q: Can I make larger batches of roasted pumpkin seeds?
    • A: Yes, you can double or triple the recipe to make larger batches. Just ensure you have enough space in your air fryer to spread the seeds evenly.
  6. Q: Are roasted pumpkin seeds a healthy snack option?
    • A: Yes, roasted pumpkin seeds are a nutritious snack as they are packed with essential nutrients like protein, fiber, and healthy fats.

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds are a tasty and healthy snack that can easily be made using an air fryer. With just a few simple steps, you can turn pumpkin seeds into a delicious treat that the whole family will enjoy. Experiment with different seasonings to create your favorite flavor combination. Now that you know the secret to making perfectly roasted pumpkin seeds, it’s time to try it out for yourself and indulge in this delightful and nutritious snack.

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